Environmental and educational community projects in Chiswick

Abundance London is a voluntary organisation, founded in 2010, that harvests surplus fruit, plants orchards, hedgerows and trees, tries to reconnect people with nature and protect it in an urban setting, creates beautiful spaces, mainly through planting but also through art.

Water your new tree today - URGENT APPEAL

We have launched our emergency Chiswick Tree Adoption Scheme.

Over the last few months 51 new trees have been planted around Hounslow Chiswick with another 61 in Ealing Chiswick. However the weather has been exceptionally dry, many of the trees were planted quite late in the season, and without our help they will not survive.


Fruit picking

Abundance London helps local people cope with their fruit gluts, we organise volunteer picking sessions, and school picking trips.


Urban regeneration

Abundance London creates and organises quirky projects that transform rundown eyesore sites, trying to create beauty, biodiversity, information and fun.


Gardening and guerilla projects

Abundance London looks after the forgotten corners that so often turn into litter-strewn dumping grounds and turns them into gardens.


Abundance London newsletter

Once or twice a month we send out a newsletter, updating you about forthcoming fruit picks and new gardening or regeneration projects in the area.

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