Abundance London Award 2016 – first winner announced!

Abundance London has decided to start an annual thank you to the person they feel has done the most to make our area green and beautiful: the Abundance London Award for 2016.

The aim of this Award, which we intend to be an annual event, is to recognise the hard work of the individual (or group) concerned, and to encourage others to step up where they see a possibility to improve our environment. Small acts of beautification and greenery make a difference to people and to the natural environment and, especially in a time of ugly news, we need as many of these initiatives as possible. The award was presented by Councillor John Todd of the London Borough of Hounslow.

Since Abundance and the Friends of Turnham Green planted up the flagpole garden at the Town Hall two years ago, after getting rid of the bright green plastic, Cheryl Lanyon has gradually taken over looking after the corner. With a few other helpers, Cheryl has regularly weeded, watered, replaced dead plants, litter-picked and generally made sure that what used to be an eye sore is now a bio-diverse and attractive little garden in Chiswick.

Karen Liebreich, Co-ordinator of Abundance London:  “We would like to thank her for her work, and also encourage other people to step up and get their hands dirty making Chiswick greener and better.”

Rebecca Frayn, Chair of Turnham Green Friends: ”Thousands of people enjoy this community generated flower bed every day, yet few probably realise that it is kept so spic and span due to the unstinting devotion of Cheryl!  Our warmest thanks and congratulations to her for such an inspiring example of citizen engagement.”

Abundance London will open nominations for next year’s prize in the New Year. You can send in your suggestions to info@abundancelondon.com

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