Apple Day

Bring your apples and pears

Sunday 5th September

We’ll be dusting off the big apple press and rolling it out at the Flower Market on Chiswick High Road on Sunday 5th September. If you’ve been worrying what to do with your overflowing harvest, please save it up and bring it along to be pressed into juice. It’ll be a communal pressing, so there will be apple juice on tap. If you can provide some fruit, you might want to bring an empty bottle or two along to collect your juice too.

Come along and help throw the apples into our state of the art scratter (which chops the fruit small) and state of the (Middle Ages) art fruit press which crushes the goodness into delicious juice. The original Abundance team of Sarah and Dinis Cruz with other old hands from pre-pandemic days will be manning the stall and squeezing the golden amber from Chiswick’s glorious fruit.

If you have too much to bring along or need some help collecting it beforehand, please get in touch.

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