Beaconsfield Gardens

Sun, cake, art, planting and all over good will at the Beaconsfield Gardens spring celebration.

When Abundance was asked to get involved in Beaconsfield Gardens it was just a grassy area that used to attract fly tipping and builder’s rubble. It runs along Acton Lane, just behind the petrol station on South Parade. In autumn 2022 we were given permission to look after it.

We asked the council to stop mowing the grass, we planted up 5,500 spring bulbs in autumn 2022 (daffodils, snowdrops, crocus, etc). Peter and Katherine Evans offered to fund bulbs if we could open up an entrance at the petrol station end, which we did (now known as Evans’ Gap). A team of residents sanded and painted the fence which was in a state of dilapidation.

The following year, autumn 2023, we added another 5,000 late spring and summer bulbs. There is an insect hotel, new trees, shrubs, bird boxes, and educational and fun activities. We mow a neat path through the meadow and encourage people to use it. Usage of the path was so high that we mowed additional side routes for kids to enjoy.

Fly-tipping has almost ceased and is dealt with swiftly. Builders no longer park their skips on this space with impunity. The community has rediscovered its pride and joy in the space.

In spring the daffodils cheer us with their sunny yellow. Left to grow, the grass flowers with borage, yarrow and ragwort – all very pollinator-friendly flowers, plus a spectacular sea of buttercups. The public reaction has been overwhelmingly positive, the buzz of insects and bird life can be heard and seen.

Abundance and the local residents will continue to improve and care for this valuable site.