Beaconsfield Gardens

Busy planting session in a dilapidated green space. Now reborn by community initiative as Beaconsfield Gardens, off Acton Lane. Thanks to a very generous donation from a local resident we were able to buy 4,000 mixed dafodill/narcissi, and 1000s of crocus, scilla and snowdrops. About half were planted today, the rest next weekend.

Ealing fixed the missing fence panel, and this week a corporate team will be painting it.

Green spaces that look cared for are less likely to attract vandalism, so here’s hoping for flowers and beauty, and less fly-tipping and litter.

Many many thanks to Peter & Kate Evans for the £££, Jen Thorndycraft for the idea and practical organisation, Ealing Council Parks/Housing for permission, and all the sweaty locals who came out to dig in the horrible rubble-laden soil. The reward will be seen in spring!

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