Butterfly wall lucky dip

In late September 2021 nearly 3000 flowers and butterflies, painted by Chiswickians, were installed on the wall of the Police Station, as the police were sadly moving out. In the months before, school children, businesses, residents, police officers, care home residents and pretty well everyone in Chiswick had a chance to paint their laser-cut wooden image. Funding was gratefully received from London Borough of Hounslow. After many many happy hours varnishing and wiring up the models, the Abundance volunteer team then spent a week aloft on a swaying scissor lift hanging the models to the camouflage netting that covered the walls.

Within a week police HQ had a nervous breakdown demanding the removal of the artwork, but Abundance and the local police officers held firm and the artwork remained. The new owners, Birchgrove developments, were delighted to let the artwork remain for several months.

Now, as the year of the Butterfly Wall draws to a close, the flock has departed.

Abundance held a poll via twitter, asking what we should do with the butterflies. Throw them away? Lucky Dip? Any other ideas? By far the majority voted for a Lucky Dip.

So, for just £1 everyone will have the chance to grab themselves a masterpiece. Or – if they don’t like what they fish out, they can just paint over it and create their own work of art. Or have another go. As we took them down, we were again astonished at the quality of the painting. All proceeds, as always, go back into the work of Abundance. For instance, the rental of the scissor lift for installation and removal was not nothing!

The Lucky Dip will be held at the Flower Market on Sunday 2nd October, 9:30am – 3:30pm. Come along and pick out some beautiful, cheap, and historic artworks to decorate your house or garden…

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