Water your new tree today – URGENT APPEAL

Chiswick Tree Adoption Scheme.

(please click here for the Ealing tree scheme)

Over the last few months 112 new trees have been planted around Chiswick (51 in Hounslow, 61 in Ealing). This is a praiseworthy initiative. However the weather has been exceptionally dry, many of the trees were planted pretty late in the season, and without our help they will not survive.

So please read on, look at the list below, find the tree nearest to you that you can water, and sign up to adopt it. Otherwise we will simply have a forest of new dead trees in Chiswick – maybe more as even more mature trees are struggling in this new hot dry climate.

We should all be aware of the importance of trees in fighting the effects of climate change and as pollution mitigators. Last year Hounslow and Ealing, along with many other London Boroughs, declared a climate emergency and tree planting was an important plank of this strategy.

That’s the good news. A lovely selection of new trees, including hornbeams, liquidambar, tulip trees, sweetgum, field maples and whitebeam, has been planted.

The bad news is that the planting took many months and was only completed in mid-May, during a long spring drought. This was the driest May since 1896, with only 10mm of rain, following on the sunniest April ever.

The council gardeners water each tree. But in practice, they will not get round the trees in time as there are simply too many, several were planted out of season, and it is too dry. And of course Covid has complicated work patterns.

We can either wring our hands, blame “the council” and watch the young trees die, or we can step up, roll up our sleeves and fill our watering cans. Abundance invites you to read the list, find the tree nearest your house and sign up to keep it alive.


A new tree needs 2 bucketfuls of water (20 litres) every couple of days if it’s hot and sunny. In early autumn you can start to decrease and then stand down in late autumn. If there is a little plastic water channel to the roots, try and get the water into the hole. Pour slowly, imagine you are rain.

As you can see, this is quite a commitment. Any contribution is better than no water, but if we are to make a real difference to the survival rate of these new trees, a serious effort is required. It really makes a difference.

So please look at the list below for Hounslow Chiswick, here for Ealing Chiswick, find your nearest tree, probably close to your home so you can access water, and email us on info@abundancelondon.com. If a couple of you adopt the same tree we will put you in touch and you can share parental duties.

We will try and organise some kind of voucher/incentive scheme, but the best incentive will be a live tree.

Ref No.Street NameOutside house no.Tree nameAdopted (Y/N) 
1Alkerden Road2Y
2Alkerden Road*8-10RowanY
3Bath Road62 Portland HouseRowanY
4Bolton Road28-30European hornbeamY
5Bolton Road1, ChurchEuropean hornbeamY
6Bolton Road16European hornbeamY
7Burlington Laneschool, raised bed areaField mapleY
8Chesterfield Road2European hornbeamY
9Chesterfield Road25Swedish Whitebeam
10Chesterfield Road32Swedish WhitebeamY
11Chiswick High Rd210, jct Windmill RdLondon PlaneY
12Chiswick High Rd147 OS Sofa Workshop
13Chiswick MallStaithe HouseAmerican sweetgumY
14Clarence road1aField mapleY
15Cornwall Grove*3-5Swedish WhitebeamY
16Cranbrook Road*8-10European hornbeamY
17Devonshire Gardens6American sweetgumY
18Duke Road55Rowan-whitebeam hybridY
19Duke Road101Y
20Eastbury Grove41
21Fairfax Road*10-12American sweetgumY
22Fairfax Road33-35Swedish WhitebeamY
23Flanders Roadopp fire door Mulliner HouseEuropean hornbeamY
24Foster Road24-26Swedish WhitebeamY
25Grove Park Gardens9Field mapleY
26Grove Park Roadopp 101European hornbeamY
27Hadley Gardens*6-8Cherry UminekoY
28Hadley Gardens*12-14American sweetgumY
29Harvard Road26European hornbeamY
30Homefield Road*4-6European hornbeamY
31Homefield Road6Fastigiate oakY
32Homefield Road14-16European hornbeamY
33Homefield Road27-29Cherry UminekoY
34Lawford Road3Cherry UminekoY
35Lawford Road4aCherry UminekoY
36Lawford Road15-17Cherry UminekoY
37Merton Avenue31-33RowanY
38Milnthorpe Road11Cherry UminekoY
39Oxford Gardens24-26Cherry Umineko
40Oxford Gardens2Cherry Umineko
41Oxford Gardens*7-9Cherry Umineko
42Oxford Gardens8Cherry Umineko
43Oxford Gardens27-29Cherry Umineko
44Oxford Gardensopp 15 Brooks RoadCherry Umineko
45Park Road32Field mapleY
46Park Road45Field mapleY
47Princes Avenue51Silver birchY
48Quick Road30CherryY
49Quick Road31American sweetgumY
50Quick Road26-28Tulip treeY
51Regent Street35 Pinkham MansionsCherry UminekoY
52Roman Road36 Bath RdCherry UminekoY
53Rupert Road13European hornbeamY
54Silver Crescent39-41European hornbeamY
55St Mary's Grove63-65European hornbeamY
56St Mary's Grove52-54Field mapleY
57Staveley Gardens149European hornbeamY
58Staveley Gardens156-156Field maple
59Staveley Road26-28Cherry UminekoY
60Staveley Road32Cherry UminekoY
61Staveley Road34Cherry UminekoY
62Staveley Road36Cherry UminekoY
63Staveley Road62Cherry Umineko
64Staveley Road1 Fitzroy CrescentCherry UminekoY
65Strand-on-the-Green4Manchurian cherryY
66Strand-on-the-GreenBell & CrownTulip tree
67Sutton Court Road44dSwedish WhitebeamY
68Sutton Court Road74Swedish WhitebeamY
69Sutton Court Road168CherryY
70Swanscombe Road27-29Swedish WhitebeamY
71Thames Road38Cherry Umineko
72Thames Road186-188Cherry Umineko
73The Lindens27European hornbeamY
74Waldeck Road78Cherry UminekoY
75Walpole Gardens11Field mapleY
76Whitehall Gardens*10-12Rowan
77Wilmington Avenue11Fastigiate oakY
78Wilmington Avenue13-15European hornbeam
79Wilton Avenue4Swedish WhitebeamY

Please complete the form below to indicate which tree(s) you can help with; your details will not be published or used for any other purpose but to communicate with you on this initiative.

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