Abundance fruit harvest co-ordinator

Volunteer needed to run the 2019 Fruit Harvest (September-October) in Chiswick. With support, materials and training by Abundance directors

Job Overview: A unique and wonderful opportunity to gain skills in management, horticulture and education whilst bringing joy to the local community. DBS certificate required. Several times a week you will take the tree picking equipment to the local primary school and escort a school group and their teacher to a tree owner’s garden, walking distance away. You and the teacher supervise the children as they collect the harvest and bring all the fruit back to the school. You will be managing the online database of fruit tree owners (private individuals with a large fruit tree in their garden) and schedule tree picking sessions with several local school groups. To find out more please fill in the form below or email Sarah, info@abundancelondon.com.

We are also looking for assistant waterers for the library beds and we are holding a weeding session for perennial flower bed on Turnham Green Terrace, Sunday 23rd June, 10.30am. If you can help out please fill in the form below or email Karen, karen@abundancelondon.com.

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