Guerilla-gardening in Chiswick

This year’s planting for Chiswick High Road, following on from last year, is more ambitious. 2014 saw Cosmos (which only really got going in October) and sunflowers (bit droopy in the hot summer). Luckily Taylors Bulbs have decided to support us again with loads of free bulbs (THANK YOU OA TAYLOR!), distributed via the Metropolitan Public Gardens Association ‘Bulbs for London’ project.

So today we got cracking on the bed opposite Baskin Robbins and Chestertons Estate Agents on the corner of Annandale Road. First we weeded out the bindweed, then we strategically planted several currant bushes (red and black currants). We filled the spaces between these with Echinops (see picture), Hollyhock, Lovage and Verbena bonariensis to provide pollen for bees and insects at the height of summer. In between all that we planted a sea of Narcissi Golden Dawn – “a Tazetta daffodil with spreading foliage and up to 5 fragrant flowers per stem, each 4.5 cm in width with light yellow perianth segments and orange corona”, which should flower in April/May. A hundred Allium atropurpureum should take over once they finish, “Deep red-purple spherical flower umbels in late spring and early summer. Strap shaped leaves. Height 60cm”.

Chestertons brought us a much-needed cup of tea half way through which gave us just enough energy to finish the bed. Hounslow Highways inspectors then came over to ask what we were doing, and how come we had a couple of their rubbish bags to hold the bindweed roots. First they were cross, then they were happy. Come on guys, those beds have not been planted up for several years, they are going to look good!

Full planting list (all on Chiswick High Road unless otherwise mentioned:


Narcissi ‘Golden Dawn’ (yellow with orange centre): opposite Chestertons, outside Chiswick Library, near Gunnersbury Station.

Narcissi ‘Las Vegas’ (white with yellow centre): opposite Sandemans & Lea, opposite Fosters Bookshop.

Narcissi ‘Golden Ducat’ (gold double ruffled): bordering Cultivate London site in South Acton Estate.

Narcissi ‘Ice King’ (white, pale yellow double centre): opposite Fosters Bookshop, opposite Armstrong & Cuthberts.

Narcissi ‘Yellow Trumpet’ (250, simple bright yellow): bordering Cultivate London site in South Acton Estate.

Siculum nectaroscordum (25): opposite Fosters Bookshop, nr Gunnersbury Station

Allium atropurpureum (100): opposite Chestertons

Narcissi ‘Tresamble’ (pale, white delicate, 100): Gunnersbury end

Dutch mixed Iris (250): along wall near Gunnersbury station

Narcissi ‘Minnow’ (little pale flowers, with yellow centre, 100): opposite Fosters

Hyacinth (white, 100): opposite Sandeman & Lea, concrete tub outside George IV.


Aquilegia (Columbines): opposite Chestertons, etc

Alcea (hollyhocks): opposite KFH

Artichokes: opposite Armstrong & Cuthberts

Currants (black & red): all beds

Echinops (blue globe thistle): opposite KFH

Kniphofia (red hot pokers): opposite Sandeman & Lea

Lovage: opposite KFH

Myosotis (forget-me-nots): bordering all beds

Perovskia: opposite Sandeman & Lea

Verbascum bonariensis: opposite Fosters Bookshop

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