Guerrilla-gardened beds on Chiswick High Road

Well, the bulbs came up and – if we say so ourselves, they look fab.

We sowed guerrilla seeds too:

– Outside Chestertons – orange poppies, opium poppies.

– Outside Stone & Wood shop – opium poppies, nigella (love-in-a-mist)

– Outside Oddone’s ice – opium poppies and nigella

– Outside dry cleaners’ – lychnis and opium poppies

– Outside KFH – lychnis and frilly poppies + dark pink hollyhocks

– Outside Lea & Sandeman – aconite (monkshood) and dark pink hollyhocks

– Outside Armstrong & Cuthbert hairdressers – honesty and dark pink hollyhocks

– Outside Fosters’ bookshop – Astrantia major

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