Harvard Hill Park

In November 2018 Abundance ran a busy tree planting session in this small local park which adjoins the A4 below the elevated section near the Chiswick roundabout.

Tree planters were recruited from Falcons school from reception (some as young as 3!), and all of year 3 from Grove Park School. Each child planted a sapling of the new shelter belt, which included rowans, hawthorns, oak, yew, blackthorn, hollies, goat willow.

Trees were provided by the Woodland Trust and Ron from Redwood World, the area was prepared by Greenspace360, sandwiches and tea by Waitrose, gardening equipment lent by Chiswick House, rope supplied by After Dark London, local residents helped the kids and then mulched the area.

Ron from Redwood World donated two giant redwoods (currently not giant!) and these were planted by local resident Carolin Garside who was celebrating an important birthday, and John Repsch, a Mortlake tree fanatic. 

As a direct result of the improvement the local residents decided to set up a Friends of Harvard Hill Park group, whose inaugural meeting was held in April 2019. This active group have since planted further shelter belts and trees.