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The High Road beds

In 2014 we started planting up all the flower beds along the High Road with a selection of bulbs donated by Taylor’s Bulbs, distributed via the Metropolitan Public Garden Association. Sacks of bindweed were removed, then loads of bulbs went in, and five years later, these are mostly still doing well. In 2017, Hounslow Highways finally took an interest and after some tense discussions, we came to a good agreement, whereby they stepped up and filled the beds with some bergenia and lavender, and took over the maintenance. However the plants we put in continue to shine out at some seasons:

Spring bulbs:

  • Narcissi ‘Golden Dawn’ (yellow with orange centre): opposite Chestertons, outside Chiswick Library, near Gunnersbury Station
  • Narcissi ‘Las Vegas’ (white with yellow centre): opposite Sandemans & Lea, opposite Fosters Bookshop
  • Narcissi ‘Ice King’ (white, pale yellow double centre): opposite Fosters Bookshop, opposite Armstrong & Cuthberts
  • Siculum nectaroscordum (25): opposite Fosters Bookshop, nr Gunnersbury Station
  • Allium atropurpureum (100): opposite Chestertons
  • Narcissi ‘Tresamble’ (pale, white delicate, 100): Gunnersbury end
  • Dutch mixed Iris (250): along wall near Gunnersbury station
  • Narcissi ‘Minnow’ (little pale flowers, with yellow centre, 100): opposite Fosters
  • Hyacinth (white, 100): opposite Sandeman & Lea, concrete tub outside George IV

Other plants:

  • Aquilegia (Columbines): opposite Chestertons, etc
  • Alcea (hollyhocks): opposite KFH
  • Artichokes: opposite Armstrong & Cuthberts
  • Currants (black & red): all beds
  • Echinops (blue globe thistle): opposite KFH
  • Kniphofia (red hot pokers): opposite Sandeman & Lea
  • Myosotis (forget-me-nots): bordering all beds
  • Perovskia: opposite Sandeman & Lea
  • Verbascum bonariensis: opposite Fosters Bookshop