Saving plants from destruction

Redrow London, developers of 500 Chiswick High Road, kindly let us come in to salvage any of the plants we wanted before the office block gets knocked down in a couple of weeks.

Abundance London put out the word, and co-ordinated the response. Charities, community groups and local schools were allowed to have the plants for free; any businesses which wanted any were invited (admittedly very bluntly!) to offer a donation to the work of Abundance.

This is what happened to the plants:

– the variegated and bronze yuccas have gone to Chiswick School, to the West Chiswick & Gunnersbury Society (WCGS) for use elsewhere on the High Road, and to a little beauty business under the Chiswick arches who will give Abundance a donation for them.
– the bamboo from the little house has gone to Chiswick School
– the patio heater from the little house has gone to the local Chiswick Horticultural Society
– some bits of wood and pallets have gone to a local gardening business who will give Abundance a donation
– the ornamental grasses are going half to Hammersmith Community Gardening Association and half to be dug in pending eventual destination in another community garden
– the irrigation piping from the roof is going to Cultivate London to help irrigate their polytunnels
– the red-berried bushes are going to WCGS for replanting on the High Road. Enjoy-Work Chiswick Business Park have kindly said they will look after them for WCGS until the destination is sorted.


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