The Eyesore Triangle becomes an Eyeful Triangle

With encouragement – verbal and financial – from the flats along Heathfield Terrace Abundance has transformed what we dubbed the Eyesore Triangle from a scrubby patch of weeds ignored by the authorities (council? Hounslow Highways?) for the last decade or so into a little garden that has been planted up with good stuff.

It doesn’t look like that much yet as it has only just gone in, but soon the little crab apple tree ‘Sentinel’ (blossom + bright red fruit for people and birds) in the middle, japonica, smoke tree, echinops, geranium, artichoke etc should provide interest for humans and nectar for insects. With many thanks to the flat committees at Heathfield Terrace and Heathfield Court who provided a bit of dosh for the plants and agreed to water and litter pick, and the Good Gym who weeded and dug over the plot (at night, in the snow!!). Also to Rob and Anne who provided paving slabs and a bench. We look forward to the plants growing into their space!

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