The Fourth Plinth for W4

A changing artwork chosen by you

The W4th Plinth is an art project curated by Abundance London. Every six months the large image on the TfL brick wall of the railway embankment at Turnham Green Terrace will change, showcasing an exciting artwork, short-listed by Abundance and voted on by the public.

We had lots of exciting submissions for this round, which you can see here. The panel, led by Sir Peter Blake, has shortlisted four artworks which can be viewed below.

Voting has now closed and the winner will be announced shortly

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Suzan Inceer:

We are all Characters

“It’s a London sofa, a London street the Thames at the top left. There is an audience, but it’s unclear – who is the entertainment? Are they communicating? Being understood? Or are they/we just shouting in a language known to no one else? I, for one, am curious.”

Flor Ferraco:

Oh Vincent!

“Vincent screams freedom, movement and hope. What your eyes can feel is what I want you to receive. As he said, ‘What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything…”

David Kimpton:

Penny the Orangutan

Indonesian rainforests are being cleared to create palm oil plantations. Our artwork was created to raise funds for the Sumatran Orangutan Society, whose message is ‘every penny counts’ in the fight to save the endangered animals and their environment. This artwork was created over several days in our studio opposite Chiswick town hall. Check out its construction here:

Alfred Daniels:

Chiswick House Dog Show

In 2014 Danny (the late Alfred Daniels) was asked to design a poster for the Chiswick House Dog Show. He enthusiastically agreed but had never used dogs as subjects before, and needed some photos. Jan Preece, Chair of the Show committee, volunteered to take some for him. This proved quite a challenge but from the selection Danny put together this painting, which was used for the poster and programme. The painting was subsequently auctioned, raising money towards the running of this popular Chiswick community event.

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