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Stay at Home

by Students from Chiswick School under the direction of Tommy Robinson – Head of Drama/ coordinator Community Arts at Chiswick School.

During the first lock down all schools in England stayed open to allow the students of vulnerable and key worker families to still attend. Over the following 12 weeks we decided to continue to give the students the opportunity to express how they felt through creativity. This took various forms, from mini Shakespeare productions, dance shows, concerts, photography and this large mural.

The mural is an expression of the students’ fear and frustration about the “stay at home” policy brought in by the government and health advisors. The first thing we did was to allow them to vent their frustrations directly onto the canvas by literally throwing paint in a Pollock/ Michelle West abstract expressionist fashion. With each flick of the brush the students were projecting their anger. The colours are purposefully bright, contrasting against the stark black background.

Along with the gaudy colours of the houses which reflect the rainbow motif that has become the symbol of this pandemic. The houses, all stacked on top of each other, are slightly different, suggesting the students’ experience of the housing they live in, mostly faceless estates or multiple occupancy buildings. At the window of each of the houses is the silhouette of a single figure, quietly looking out at us.

Each one with their own story, some standing upright, others with their shoulders hunched over staring at the floor. The idea of “Stay at home” and being alone in a city that is already over crowded and the dichotomy of this, is the main theme of the piece.

The W4th Plinth is an art project curated by Abundance London. Every six months the large image on the TfL brick wall of the railway embankment at Turnham Green Terrace will change, showcasing an exciting artwork, short-listed by Abundance and voted on by the public.

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