Town Hall flagpole garden

Abundance London and the Friends of Turnham Green were asked by Fusion Lifestyle, who now run the Town Hall on behalf of Hounslow Council, to re-plant the small corner garden next to the Town Hall on the corner of Heathfield Terrace and Sutton Court Road. For the past year it has been a plastic lawn with an advert on it, which was very neat and tidy, and a great improvement on the weedy mess that preceded it. Jutta Wagner, whom some will remember from her fantastic work at the Chiswick House Kitchen Garden in the old days, has been working on some designs. Our brief was to make something “traditional with a modern twist”, that would look good all year round, that would have structure, colour and bee-friendly elements, based around the idea of a herbal knot garden. Given that the corner is small, semi-shady and subject to very close inspection by Chiswick residents as they pass, as well as being high-profile with the flagpole in the centre and the golden postbox to one side, this was no mean task. We would like to thank Fusion for being brave and giving us the opportunity to work on this garden.

If we were following in the best traditions of London Borough of Hounslow’s “consultations” (Empire House, heritage lighting, CPZ’s, wheelie bins, etc etc)  we would then be able to tick that pesky little consultation box, ignore you all and do exactly what we intended to do all along.  However, since we are not democratically elected nor following any party line, nor commercially greedy, we might actually listen.

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