Turnham Green Herb Garden takes shape

The new Herbal Knot Garden on Turnham Green was completed today with help from Abundance volunteers and Turnham Green Friends. It will form part of the Edible Herbal High Road treasure trail. Chair of Turnham Green Friends, Rebecca Frayn says “I think the finished result is fabulous and can’t quite believe the transformation of such a hitherto ugly spot into something so lovely.  We are now officially part of the herb festival. We had a great day and our volunteers worked with enthusiasm and speed.  So a big thank you to all. Particularly to Bud who ran a very tight team and to Fareeda, Jim at John Laing who gave us such brilliant support and to Andy for green lighting Hounslow’s input. ”

Saturday May 18th there will be a free willow weaving workshop next to the new herb bed from 10am-12pm. The bed is located next to Christ Church on the Town Hall side.

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